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  • Building Bridges Training

    We are an independent social enterprise which makes a difference to the lives of people with a learning disability through delivering training and research. Building Bridges Training enables people with a learning disability to be included and have full and valued roles in their local community. We do this through the following five activities; 1. Inclusive research with people with a learning disability to understand the issues that affect the lives of people with a learning disability. We have a research group that meet monthly, plus additional project work depending on current funding. We have undertaken research projects on topics such as living independently, claiming PIP, and currently on the election and politics. 2. Training staff who work with people with a learning disability such as giving good support to parents with a learning disability, setting up a social enterprise. 3. Training staff from mainstream organisations so they can better understand and support people with a learning disability who use their services. 4. Delivering courses for people with a learning disability on topics such as financial capability ‘Managing my Money’ and well-being ‘Look After Yourself’. 5. Producing resources; these include good practice guidelines for staff such as producing easy read information and easy read resources for people with a learning disability such as a keep safe check list, money and banking dictionary.

  • Centre for Conscious Awareness

    "Teaching the Understanding and Experience of Meditational Practices" To remind us of the importance of keeping in touch with the inner self as much as our experience of the outer self in our daily world. To educate people in the effectiveness of meditation in maintaining overall well-being and fullness of life as an alternative to remaining predominantly mind-based. To develop a more positive attitude and enthusiasm for life, its purpose and meaningfulness. To bring awareness of the importance of science and spirituality having a greater role to play in our lives for more clarity, health, harmony and enlightenment.

  • Cerebral Palsy Midlands

    We are a charity that supports people with cerebral palsy. We offer speech and language therapy and physiotherapy, as well as educational classes at the centre. We have a welfare dept which offers advice advocacy services and home visits. We are a user led organisation.

  • Community Resource Information Service

    CRIS was established in 1980 to be a demand-led resource to serve the communities of West Midlands. We work at a grassroots level supporting diverse and disadvantaged communities and individuals to bring about positive change. CRIS is about building community cohesion by bringing people together around shared common interests to enable them to have a voice in the decision-making processes that directly affect their lives. CRIS provides capacity building training including leadership skills, organisational management and development, fundraising and financial management, auditing services as well as personal development and employment services. We also undertake research and organise conferences and events on issues of importance for the communities we work with. CRIS also works intensively with migrant and refugee communities to facilitate their integration with wider community and enable their grass-roots organisations to become efficient and sustainable.

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Compton Care

    The Hospice provides clinical and support services for people with life limiting illnesses and their carers and families. We provide free support to people who live in parts of the West Midlands: Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall; and South Staffordshire and East Shropshire.

  • CompTTEC

    CompTTEC is a training organisation, providing a variety of high quality training and education, in Information and Communications Technology, Mathematics, English etc. We also provide IT support and services for local businesses.

  • Create a Future

    Create a Future exists to help people to realise their potential. We provide 1:1 and small group tuition for all ages, for all subjects and for all levels of learners. Generally, we support learners to achieve qualifications in maths (numeracy) and English (literacy) or to help individuals brush up on their basic skills. Sessions take place at home, in community settings, church halls, schools and we have been known to deliver sessions in MacDonalds and the local pub!. We can find tutors for specific subjects – Law, Latin, French, Spanish, Geography, History, Accounting, Music (Piano) and Knitting are some of the most recent subject areas requested. For community groups and programmes we can also offer Cooking without Numbers (Look and Cook), Financial Literacy (Know Your Numbers), Handwriting for Adults, Improve Your Reading (Reading Programme for Teens and Adults) and Brush Up Your Skills in Numeracy and Literacy. We support Looked After Children, Young Carers and provide Alternative Programmes for young people who are not at school – again in our core areas of English and Maths. Finally, we are the Regional Office for CREST Awards – the national programme that recognises project work – so if you and your clients are working on a project there may be ways that we can help you recognise progress. We are always delighted to talk about how we can work in partnership with other providers and will work with you to find ways to support joint programmes.

  • Crisis Point

    The charity was founded in 2000; it has been working as with victims of sexual crime since 2000, delivering specialist support. Crisis Point became a registered charity and company in 2004. Crisis Point is based in Walsall with additional offices in Wolverhampton. In 2003, Crisis Point pioneered the fast track STI screening system that now sits as best practice and guidance for developing new, and existing SARCs. In 2004, Crisis Point founded the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Walsall, developed a tri-partite with West Midlands Police and NHS/PCT Walsall to provide SARC services. Crisis Point was the managing agency until March 2006, delivering on call and on site crisis workers, ISVA support, and therapeutic counselling. In 2005, a clinical counselling centre was founded in Walsall by Crisis Point to provide bespoke psychotherapeutic counselling for victims of sexual crime. Additionally, the clinical counselling centre provided a real solution to transference suffered by SARC clients when returning for therapy following the support to court procedure and outcome. In 2011, the charity located to modern fully DDA compliant premises. The services and premises continue to be available to all across the West Midlands.

  • Dorcas Housing

    We provide community based support projects. African Caribbean Health Improvement Service is a project managed by Dorcas Housing that works with the African Caribbean Communities of Sandwell on issues related to heath. The project aim is 'to develop community health initatives which aim to empower and support the African Caribbean communities in Sandwell'

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Dragonfly Aikikai Aikido Club

    Dragonfly Aikikai is part of Seijitsu Aikido Ryju. The club began life in 1973 and relocated to our current venue in 2003. We teach the traditional Aikido in the style of the founder Morihei Ueshib. We place great emphasis on weapons work as an aid to developing Tai Jitsu, our weapons syllabub being based upon the teachings of Morihiro Saito Shihan. We are a friendly club with a loyal following and we always extend a warm welcome to visitors from other clubs, new members and people who are simply curious about Aikido. We are Clubmark accredited


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