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Centre for Conscious Awareness

"Teaching the Understanding and Experience of Meditational Practices"
To remind us of the importance of keeping in touch with the inner self as much as our experience of the outer self in our daily world. To educate people in the effectiveness of meditation in maintaining overall well-being and fullness of life as an alternative to remaining predominantly mind-based. To develop a more positive attitude and enthusiasm for life, its purpose and meaningfulness. To bring awareness of the importance of science and spirituality having a greater role to play in our lives for more clarity, health, harmony and enlightenment.

Address details

Office 212 North DBH Castlemill Burntree
Postal Town

Organisation Contact Details

0121 226 3635
Charity Commission registration number

Contact Person Details


  • Education and research

Main Beneficiaries

Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.

  • Specific Faith Focus

    • People from all faiths / multi-faith / inter-faith people
  • Sexual Orientation Focus

    • People of all sexual orientations
  • Household

    • All households
  • Gender Focus

    • All genders
  • Ethnic Focus

    • People from all ethnic groups
  • Age Focus

    • People of all ages

Organisation last updated: Thu, 2nd March 2017

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