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Building Bridges Training

We are an independent social enterprise which makes a difference to the lives of people with a learning disability through delivering training and research. Building Bridges Training enables people with a learning disability to be included and have full and valued roles in their local community. We do this through the following five activities;

1. Inclusive research with people with a learning disability to understand the issues that affect the lives of people with a learning disability. We have a research group that meet monthly, plus additional project work depending on current funding. We have undertaken research projects on topics such as living independently, claiming PIP, and currently on the election and politics.

2. Training staff who work with people with a learning disability such as giving good support to parents with a learning disability, setting up a social enterprise.

3. Training staff from mainstream organisations so they can better understand and support people with a learning disability who use their services.

4. Delivering courses for people with a learning disability on topics such as financial capability ‘Managing my Money’ and well-being ‘Look After Yourself’.

5. Producing resources; these include good practice guidelines for staff such as producing easy read information and easy read resources for people with a learning disability such as a keep safe check list, money and banking dictionary.

Address details

c/o Oakleigh Interiors, 295/296 Long Lane
Postal Town
B62 9LB

Organisation Contact Details

07543 194 887

Contact Person Details

Contact Name
Liz Tilly


  • Education and research

Main Beneficiaries

Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.

  • Specific Need or Circumstance

    • People who have learning disabilities
  • Specific Faith Focus

    • People from all faiths / multi-faith / inter-faith people
  • Sexual Orientation Focus

    • People of all sexual orientations
  • Household

    • All households
  • Gender Focus

    • All genders
  • Ethnic Focus

    • People from all ethnic groups
  • Age Focus

    • Young adults aged 19-25 years
    • Adults aged 26-64 years

Organisation last updated: Tue, 26th April 2022

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