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  • Sandwell Irish Society

    Sandwell Irish Society is a registered charity that works to achieve a vibrant Irish community in Sandwell and the surrounding area, one that is engaged and empowered to play an active role in society by ensuring that people have the chance to contribute their views, articulate their needs and have an impact on policy and practice. It aims to achieve this by improving the confidence, health awareness and image of the community and by ensuring that the contribution of people of Irish birth and descent, over many years, to the economic, social, cultural and historic richness of the area is recognized and acknowledged. It works with statutory and voluntary organisations to develop activities and services in response to needs identified. It organises social, cultural, information and health events which inform people, combat isolation and engage the community.

  • Sandwell Multi-Faith Network

    Sandwell Multi-Faith Network provides a focus for individuals and faith groups working together to explore and promote mutual respect, joint community action and dialogue. We aim to promote fuller understanding of various different faith communities, to counter misinformation and increase community cohesion.

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Sant Nirankari Mandal

    Sant Nirankari Mission is an international spiritual movement dedicated to creating peace and unity. It undertakes numerous initiatives in order to achieve its aims including much charitable work, inviting all its members to take part. Its members undertake walks, sports days, blood donation drives, fun runs, hold youth conferences, music, yoga are part of the activities.

  • Sehej Anand

    A reformist Sikh organisation aiming to enrich individuals with the universal Sikh message of empowerment for all and the uplifting of the whole of society. In particular, we promote the hollistic nature of Sikhi, focussing on greater environmental and \'green\' awareness among Sikh sangats ethical, fair-trade and responsible business, worship through work, the power of seva and simran and creative arts. We strive to be inclusive of the diversity of people indentifying as Sikh, to enrich, welcome, inspire and uplift them, so they may fulfill their potential as a Sikh, but also share their blessings and talents for the improvement of global society.

  • Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple of the United Kingdom

    The object of the Institution is 1. To promote the advancement of the Hindu religion by (a) The establishment and maintenance of a temple for the purpose of public worship of Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) and other religious charitable purposes, (b) providing religious discourses and the celebration of Hindu Rites Ceremonies and Festivals. 2. To promote the advancement of education in (a) Hindu religion and comparative religious philosophy (b) the Hindu traditions, history, languages, literature and music.

  • Sikh Helpline

    The Sikh Help Line was set up to offer counselling to young children teenagers and adults who may require assistance or guidance issues ranging from grooming, domestic abuse through to racism and substance addiction. With an understanding of these cultural issues and barriers, the Sikh Helpline offers a support network for these victims.” The 24 hour helpline - 0845 644 0704 or 07999 004 363 - is manned by trained individuals who speak both English and Punjabi and are equipped to handle problems faced by individuals today.

  • Sikh Mission & Study Centre (UK)

    Enhance understanding of Sikh religion and community. Aim to run mela and community radio

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Sikh School of Arts

    Sikh School of Arts is community cultural enterprise established in 1970 in order to improve community morale and arts educatiion. We implement projects that intertwine the learning of cultural arts with community advancement. It is our aim to empower vulnerable and hard to reach groups by helping them overcome 'barriers' that prevent them from accessing existing and potential opportunities. By engaging in the learning of various arts individuals can channel their unlocked talents away from negative elements and towards developing skills enabling them to enjoy, understand and participate facilitating greater community cohesion. In short: enabling individuals to collectively boost their physical, psychological, spiritual, economic and social health by engaging in diverse art forms. Our services are not exclusive to the Sikh community and are open to all peoples regardless of race or belief.

  • Sikh Society

    To promote any charitable purpose for the Sikh community including:- the advancement of the Sikh religion, and of education, the relief of poverty and sickness. The provision of facilities for the recreation and other leisure-time occupation in the interest of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life of the Sikh community. To facilitate different organisations to interact with each other to foster effective dissemination of Sikhism.

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Smethwick Mini Muslims Club

    We provide citizenship and social education for pre-teen children, from mainly Pakistani backgroud. In doing this their families are able to understand the culture and heritage in which they find themselves. Our club teaches children about their faith, Islam. We also look at etiquette, manners, religious beliefs and festivals. The children will meet representatives of the Police, other faith community groups etc. in order to gain a good understanding of the civil society. We are also looking into healthy life styles and sports activities.


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