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  • The Hindu Initiative for Global Harmony

    This institution serves as a place of preservation of the ancient traditions and cultural practices that come down as a time honoured heritge. It has been built up to serve as a model of many-sided, altruistic activity, an ideal to copy, intended to bring about a complete unfoldment of the human personality, and to reveal the essential blending together of all sides of human nature.

  • The Scott Poll Memorial Fund

    the aim of the Scott Poll Memorial Fund is to help people and families when the unthinkable happens this may be due to death or serious illness. the charity fund raises on behalf of the individuals this may be anything from raising money for trust funds for younger children with the loss of a parent, holidays, help towards medical equipment, or simple memorials i.e. benches naming a star in there memory. or if there's a specific request we will try to help in anyway we can. If we are unable to help specifically we will however provide as much funds or alternative help with the consent of those concerned as we can.

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Time Out over 60's Group

    Provide a place for older people where they feel valued and are encouraged to make the most of the rest of their lives, by being enabled to interact with one another, and in relationship with God. Speakers, Bible Studies, Chats, Revelant Topics, Health Issues, Craft Time, Celebrations, annual Outings.

  • Tipton Green Methodist Church

    Tipton Green Methodist Church Consists of members of the Church and friends from the community. Sunday Worship is at 10.30 am and 6.00 pm. Junior Church (all age groups) meet at 10.30 am There are fellowship meetings during the week in the form of mixed groups and ladies classes. Tuesdays: 7.30 pm Tipton Civic Society meet in the Church Hall. Thursdays: 5.00 pm Rainbows; 6.30 pm Guides and Brownies. For information about the fellowship meetings or room hire, please contact the steward on 0121 520 2208.

  • Tipton Road Methodist Churches

    Local church holding the following events Sunday Service, Sunday School, Bible study classes.

  • UK Islamic Mission

    UKIM is a national organisation, having its about 40 branches in various cities of the U.K. Most of its work is serving the community. It has its own constitution and website.

  • Warley Baptist Church

  • Warley Male Choir

    We are a choir consisting of 52 male singers. Most of our income is given/donated to a charity nominated at the end of each year

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Wednesbury Baptist Church

    Place of Worship. Neighbourhood Group Play Group Town Womens Guild (Wednesbury) meet at the Church. Youth Group on Wednesdays children 4 - 16 years. Approximately 30 children attend weekly Over 50's Club, Table Tennis Club, Rainbows and Brownies

  • Wesley Centre For All Ltd

    Community Centre which runs a Daycare Provision for the elderly along with numerous other activities ranging from uniform groups to baby clinics, pensions clinics and drop-in coffee morning.


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