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  • Bearwood Chapel

    Church established 1879, community clubs and grounds for most ages.

  • Birmingham and District Beekeepers' Association

    The Birmingham and District Beekeepers was formed in 1936 as part of the British Beekeepers Association that was formed in 1849. We teach and promote the art of beekeeping and have a teaching apiary in Highbury Park, Kings Heath. We also have a library and beekeeping equipment that members and beginners can use.

  • Birmingham Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre

    Offering individual, couple & group therapy, workshops and training courses. Approx. 50 independent practitioners work at the centre, which is open seven days a week, daytime and evenings. A variety of theoretical approaches offered, including Gestalt, person-centred, psychodynamic, integrative, transactional analysis, cognitive behavioural therapy. We undertake brief solution-focused work with employees for a number of statutory, voluntary and commercial organisations. The centre adheres to the code of ethics & practice of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

  • Black Country Inventors Club

    A voluntary organisation providing help, advice and assistance to inventors and innovators in the West Midlands to enable them to bring their inventions to fruition. Meets in the Customer Services suite at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre at 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month. Membership is open to all

  • Black Country Women's Aid

    Black Country Women’s Aid is an independent charity which has been supporting victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence in the West Midlands for the last 25 years. BCWA offer sensitive and holistic support services which help victims of abuse to escape from violence, cope with trauma and move on with their lives. Support services include: • Domestic Abuse team supporting victims (female and male) in the community and at court; • Domestic Abuse Refuges offering a safe place to stay for women and children escaping their abusers; • Black Country Rape and Sexual Violence Service supporting victims (female and male) of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse with practical advocacy and specialist counselling; • Young People’s Team supporting children and young people who have suffered domestic abuse, rape and child sexual exploitation and providing education work in Sandwell schools; • Modern Day Slavery Service offers safe refuge and community support to people under the NRM (National Referral Mechanism) who have been trafficked to the UK; • Women’s Justice Services providing support to female offenders. BCWA also provide training and awareness sessions to professionals and community members across all of these specialist areas. BCWA work in partnership with statutory and voluntary services to support victims, raise awareness of issues of abuse, and develop new approaches to reaching the most vulnerable victims.

  • BlackCountry African Club UK (BlacUK)

    We promote community integration and empower all Africans in the Black Country regions to be part of mainstream society and play active roles in the local communities where they live. We support our beneficiaries in releasing their full potential skills and live active, fulfilling and healthy lives.

  • Building Bridges Training

    We are an independent social enterprise which makes a difference to the lives of people with a learning disability through delivering training and research. Building Bridges Training enables people with a learning disability to be included and have full and valued roles in their local community. We do this through the following five activities; 1. Inclusive research with people with a learning disability to understand the issues that affect the lives of people with a learning disability. We have a research group that meet monthly, plus additional project work depending on current funding. We have undertaken research projects on topics such as living independently, claiming PIP, and currently on the election and politics. 2. Training staff who work with people with a learning disability such as giving good support to parents with a learning disability, setting up a social enterprise. 3. Training staff from mainstream organisations so they can better understand and support people with a learning disability who use their services. 4. Delivering courses for people with a learning disability on topics such as financial capability ‘Managing my Money’ and well-being ‘Look After Yourself’. 5. Producing resources; these include good practice guidelines for staff such as producing easy read information and easy read resources for people with a learning disability such as a keep safe check list, money and banking dictionary.

  • Cameroon Children and Women Project in the UK

    We provide for refugee children and women from the Cameroon community in the UK through advice and information services, translation, interpretation and representation. Our services cover matters related to immigration, welfare, housing and healthcare. We also provide education and training opportunities to develop employment skills and facilitate integration and inclusion into the wider community through cultural exchange and the arts.

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Centre for Conscious Awareness

    "Teaching the Understanding and Experience of Meditational Practices" To remind us of the importance of keeping in touch with the inner self as much as our experience of the outer self in our daily world. To educate people in the effectiveness of meditation in maintaining overall well-being and fullness of life as an alternative to remaining predominantly mind-based. To develop a more positive attitude and enthusiasm for life, its purpose and meaningfulness. To bring awareness of the importance of science and spirituality having a greater role to play in our lives for more clarity, health, harmony and enlightenment.

  • Cerebral Palsy Midlands

    We are a charity that supports people with cerebral palsy. We offer speech and language therapy and physiotherapy, as well as educational classes at the centre. We have a welfare dept which offers advice advocacy services and home visits. We are a user led organisation.


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