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Soho/Victoria Friends and Neighbours

Our aim is to help people to help themselves in saving money, reducing isolation, health and well-being, dealing with every day life and increasing their networks. Our community based service works with older people to develop their skills to live more independent life. We hold regular drop in sessions, make contact with residents in schemes and talk to people over the phone, with some home visits carried out. Our approach is tailored to the individuals needs and aspirations. We deliver bespoke training to help people to become more independent in their everyday life.

Address details

c/o Smethwick Baptist Church Regent Street
Postal Town
B66 3BQ

Organisation Contact Details

0121 532 2011

Contact Person Details

Contact Name
Delroy Thomas
Business Development Manager


  • Advocacy
  • Economic, social and community development

Main Beneficiaries

Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.

  • Specific Need or Circumstance

    • People who have disabilities (unspecified)
    • People who have sensory disabilities (sight, hearing, etc)
    • People who have physical disabilities (excluding sensory disabilities)
    • People who are housebound
    • People who are socially excluded/isolated/lonely
    • People who are bereaved
    • People who are at risk or vulnerable
    • People who are leaving care/long-stay institutions (excluding prisons)
    • People who are carers
    • Other
  • Specific Faith Focus

    • People from all faiths / multi-faith / inter-faith people
    • Christian (including Church of England, Catholic, Protestant and all Christian denominations)
    • Sikh
    • Muslim
    • Jewish
    • Hindu
    • Buddhist
    • Animist
    • Humanist
    • Pagan (including witchcraft)
    • Agnostic / atheist / no religion
  • Sexual Orientation Focus

    • People of all sexual orientations
    • Heterosexual people
    • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people
  • Household

    • Single person households
    • Households without children
    • Households with children
    • All households
  • Gender Focus

    • All genders
    • Women
    • Transgender people
    • Men
  • Ethnic Focus

    • People from all ethnic groups
    • Members of ethnic groups (unspecified)
    • All White people (including White British, White Irish, and any other White background)
    • All Black or Black British people (including Caribbean, African and any other Black background)
    • All Mixed people (including White and Black Caribbean, White and Black African, White and Asian and any other Mixed background)
    • All Asian or Asian British people (including Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and any other Asian background)
    • Members of ethnic groups (specified)
    • All Chinese and other ethnic groups (including Chinese and any other ethinic group)
  • Age Focus

    • Adults aged 26-64 years
    • Older people aged 65 years and over

Organisation last updated: Wed, 14th December 2022

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