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Pertemps Coachright

Address details

290a-292 Soho Road Handsworth
Postal Town
B21 9LZ

Organisation Contact Details

0121 507 9628
01676 525 645

Contact Person Details

Contact Name
Rob Houlston
Contact Name
Mr. Rob Houlston
Contracts Fundraiser


  • Economic, social and community development
  • Cohesion and civic participation
  • Arts, culture, sport and recreation
  • Education and research
  • Employment and training
  • Health
  • Social services
  • Voluntary and community organisations

Main Beneficiaries

Services focused on particular beneficiaries do not imply that they are offered exclusively to these persons only.

  • Specific Need or Circumstance

    • People who have disabilities (unspecified)
    • People who have physical disabilities (excluding sensory disabilities)
    • People who have mental health problems
    • People who have learning disabilities
    • People who are socially excluded/isolated/lonely
    • People who are unemployed
    • People who are homeless/in housing need
    • People who are at risk or vulnerable
    • People who are asylum seekers/refugees
    • People who are offenders/ex-offenders
    • People who are Travellers
    • People who have substance abuse/addiction problems (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, etc)
    • People who are victims/survivors of crime
    • People who are students
    • People who are carers
    • People who are from specific occupational/professional/trade groups
  • Specific Faith Focus

    • People from all faiths / multi-faith / inter-faith people
  • Sexual Orientation Focus

    • People of all sexual orientations
  • Household

    • All households
  • Gender Focus

    • All genders
  • Ethnic Focus

    • People from all ethnic groups
  • Age Focus

    • Children under 5 years
    • Children aged 5-11 years
    • Young people aged 12-16 years
    • Young people aged 17-18 years
    • Young adults aged 19-25 years
    • Adults aged 26-64 years

Organisation last updated: Wed, 2nd May 2018

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