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British Sjogren's Syndrome Association

Sjogren's Syndrome is the second most common autoimmune rheumatic desease, it affects more than half a million adults in the UK alone. The disease is characterised by the degeneration of mucus-secreting glands, particularly the tear ducts of the eyes and the saliva glands of the mouth. The condition is associated with a host of other symptoms, which include arthitis and extreme fatigue, disabling joint pain and muscle aches. Sjogren's Syndrome is a debilitating and distressing condition, with many patients becoming so ill that they are unable to work.
We aim to raise awareness of the disease and support research into its cause and treatment. As a self-help organisation, it is dedicated to providing mutual support and information to individuals affected by the disease. No cure currently exists for the condition and the cause remains unknown, but the BSSA endeavours to support research into Sjogren's by providing research grants on an annual basis. Sjogren's Syndrome has not commanded a high profile and has therefore been under-diagnosed and under-treated. The BSSA hopes to change this bhy raising awareness of the syndrome.

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P O Box 15040
Postal Town
B31 3DP

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0121 478 0222
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0121 478 1133 - Helpline
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Isabel York
Office Manager


  • Law, crime, human/civil rights and information

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Organisation last updated: Thu, 2nd March 2017

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