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  • Sandwell Community Caring Trust

    SCCT provides Residential Care, Respite Care, Day Care and support at home to adults and children with learning and or physical difficulties and to the older people.

  • Sandwell Irish Community Association

    We have now opened the resource centre in Langley High Street and will be providing varying services to the community including chiropody, gaelic language lesson, benefit entitlement advice, raising health awareness and health promotion

  • Sandwell Irish Society

    Sandwell Irish Society is a registered charity that works to achieve a vibrant Irish community in Sandwell and the surrounding area, one that is engaged and empowered to play an active role in society by ensuring that people have the chance to contribute their views, articulate their needs and have an impact on policy and practice. It aims to achieve this by improving the confidence, health awareness and image of the community and by ensuring that the contribution of people of Irish birth and descent, over many years, to the economic, social, cultural and historic richness of the area is recognized and acknowledged. It works with statutory and voluntary organisations to develop activities and services in response to needs identified. It organises social, cultural, information and health events which inform people, combat isolation and engage the community.

  • Sandwell Multicare

    Provide home based respite care for families who care at home for people with severe learning disabilities. Operate two Saturday clubs - 11am - 4pm

  • Sandwell Patient Experience Forum

    Our aims are to provide a Forum to work together to suggest improvements to services from evidential trends and not just anecdotal evidence. To promote equal opportunities for all within the areas of authority. To use the knowledge and experience of the Forum to explore how the appropriate agency could further improve the provision of Heath and Social Care experiences for patients and carers.

    This organisation is dormant.

  • Sant Nirankari Mandal

    Sant Nirankari Mission is an international spiritual movement dedicated to creating peace and unity. It undertakes numerous initiatives in order to achieve its aims including much charitable work, inviting all its members to take part. Its members undertake walks, sports days, blood donation drives, fun runs, hold youth conferences, music, yoga are part of the activities.

  • Save a Million Lives

    We are trying to eliviate poverty for orphans who have lost parents due to HIV / Aids.

  • Shiloh Community Centre (SCC)

    This is a newly constituted organisation set up to improve residents awareness by providing an accessible equipped building with timetabled sessions aimed at recreation, health awareness, education, and youth support as well as offering facilities to local community organisations to develop their own services.

  • Smethwick ASRA (Asian Shelter & Residential Association)

    Provides and maintains accomodation, day care, domicilary care, housing and transport services for elderly disabled and family particularly, but not exclusively, of Asian ethnic origin.

  • Smethwick Youth & Community Centre

    One stop resource delivering community service in health, education, employment and leisure. The Smethwick Youth and Community Centre offers welfare advice and guidance, money management, employment support, and sports and recreation activities such as yoga and football. It also offer English classes and IT classes to enhance people's chances of employment.


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